Evo4 Exposure + Light finisher

This unit combines the features of the existing Evo 4 E and Evo 4 LF in a single unit.

The Evo 4 ELF is an exposure-light finisher unit in size 120 x 160 cm (47 x 63 inch) with a clam shell system and an automatic pneumatic lid with safety belt for accident prevention. This unit offers a high UV output, constant and uniform also thanks to the light integrator which compensates all the UV output variation. The lamp temperature control is regulated automatically and the machine is equipped with fiber optic for lamps failure detection. The chiller unit integrated in the machine along with the new air cooling system for the lamps, as well as the new water cooling system for the exposure table grant a new level of temperature control precision. This Evo model includes a Light Finishing section for UVA-UVC post exposure.

Another convenient solution studied by Vianord is the new control display which can be can be installed either on the left or the right side, according to the customer's preference. The software can memorize up to 24 channels for different plates; which can be stored in the two racks sitated in the machine main body.

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